Customs Consulting

World Exchange has recently spun-off its consulting services into our sister company, Problem Solvers. Problem Solvers was created to assist clients in resolving issues related to importing products into the United States. To that end, we provide high end consulting services aimed at responding and dealing with situations which have already occurred, preventing problems before they happen, as well as finding solutions which will save our clients’ money.

Although just established, it brings together over 85 years of experience along with young talent to meet and solve today’s international trade problems.

Customs Broker Consulting

Services Provided:

  • Drawback
  • Binding Rulings
  • FP&F Resolution & Mitigation
  • FDA Registration & Listing
  • USDA & Other Government Agency Permits & Licenses
  • Protest Filing
  • Duty Recovery
  • Trademark/Copyright Recordation

Application Assistance:

  • C-TPAT Membership
  • Bonded Warehouse
  • Bonded Carrier
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Customs Exam Site

Check out the Problem Solvers website at for more information, or contact World Exchange and we’ll have a member of the Problem Solvers team reach out to you.